Libbie McMahon - Fused Glass Artist

Designing stained and fused glass applications for more than thirty years; Libbie McMahon has revived the ancient art of glass fusing. Her beautiful pieces can be seen in galleries and collector’s homes throughout the country.

Libbie has studied under such famous artists as Roger Thomas, John Williams, owner of Pacific Art Glass, Laurie Spray, owner of Bonny Doon Glass and Patti Gray to name a few. She is a Certified Stain Glass Artist and instructor as well as a Certified Fused Glass instructor.

After graduating from USCLB with degree in Computer Science and Engineering she later attended Chapman University to obtain a Master’s in Human Resources. She continued to work in the IT industry for IBM for many years in Europe all the while feeling like something was missing. Upon returning to the US in the late 70’s she took a stained glass class and found her “niche”, so to speak. she took as many classes as she could find available, opened her first studio in 1979 in Costa Mesa, CA and started teaching. She loved it so much she quit her regular job and dug in as a full time artist. She became certified by the SGAA. However, it didn’t stop there. The more she saw the more she wanted to learn. She branched out to hot glass, flame working and finally into fused glass.

Raised in Europe and the Hawaiian Islands you'll notice that most of her pieces are "Island" in nature. The "whimsical fish chimes" are a result of many days spent snorkeling around Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands.