Windchimes and Whimsical

Hanging Glass Seahorse

Yellow Fish

Standalone hanging fish. Email for color options. $120.

Provide desired colors

Seahorse Samples

Additional Fish Sample

Please Email for base color options. $120.





Large Blue Dichronic Bowl

Wind Chime - Turtle

Fish and Turtle wind chimes range in price from $130 to $150 depending on detail and color of the glass.

Please contact me to discuss size, color, and to Check glass availability. $130 - $150.





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Other Fish Chime Examples

Please Email for to discuss options. Sizes are 3" or 5".

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New Fish Chime

Please Email for base color options. $120.

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Wind Chime Danglers


Each one is different depending on the color of the fish/turtle and no two are the same.

I pick the colors I feel best compliment the colors in the fish.

Lahaina Glass Studios
Solana Beach California
P: (714) 4321-5030

Libbie McMahon